Pets become a part of the family and at ClassyPetBoutique.com you’ll find all the essentials for your favorite furry friends.  Having a dog or a cat is a great joy but comes with responsibilities. When you have great gear to support you, it makes everything easier and you’ll have more time to spend on the fun!


We love to sleep and we know dogs and cats love their naps even more.  Wondering what the best dog bed or cat bed is? There’s an entire section of pet blankets to choose from - which best suits your pet? The pet blankets are so soft, you might be tempted to share with them...or get one for yourself!

Our selection of cat bedding ranges from flatbeds to round fluffy ones, ruffles and much more. So fitting for the royalty that cats are! There are even pocket beds for those who prefer to burrow and hide away from the world while staying snuggly warm. 


Gone are the days of single-colored uniform dog collars. There is nothing too ‘extra’ about our dog and cat collars. Let your pet's personality shine through with these unique and beautiful collars. 

What better compliment to a standout collar, than an equally fantastic leash? With coordinating hardware in several colors that are made with extra strength at stress points for longer-lasting use, these leashes will make your daily walks more fun and enjoyable.


Taking your pet with you while traveling means having a piece of home with you wherever you go. While preparing for your journey you’ll need to find an airline-approved carrier for your dog or puppy - and we’ve got several styles and colors to choose from.  They are faux fur lined and have several windows for ventilation so your pet will be comfortable and safe during the journey.

Running errands with Fido can mean running out of hands quickly. Try one of our designer pet carrier bags that has plenty of room for them and plenty of storage for you. Your little friend can come with you everywhere you go and you can check everything off your list!


Pets love their food almost as much - or maybe more - than their naps. In addition to a great selection of Messy Mutts feeding options, you’ll also find some slow-feed dog bowls in case someone needs a little help slowing down to enjoy their food properly. For our feline friends, there are several options for plates and bowls, and also some useful slow feeder bowls that can help stimulate them while aiding in slowing down consumption to make for better digestion.

Treats! They can be fast asleep, but hear that slight crinkle of the packaging from miles away and be at your feet in mere seconds.  Fill one of our gorgeous treat jars with the favorites and they’ll figure it out in no time flat.

Every day with your pet is special, but their birthday, their “gotcha day”, or maybe it’s a “just because” kind of day, you and your pet deserve a little treat.  There are shelf-stable birthday cakes, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, and more. All furry friendly and all delicious - check them out here.


Many pet owners are using more natural and homeopathic remedies to help their pets out when they need it. From hot spot relief to sensitive tummies, take a look at the options available to you. There is also an entire range of Vets Best products for their fur that will help flea and tick problems and hairball concerns.  And when your pet has a stylish collar and leash - you need to make sure their coat looks great along with it. Try one of our slicker brushes or grooming combs to get them shiny and smooth.


Now the fun part - toys!   We carry a selection of Chuck-It products; a well-known brand that equals great fun for your dogs and you. Their products come in different sizes to match your size of dog best. Maybe your dog likes to chew stuffies or do they prefer a regular game of tug? Pets need intellectual stimulation just as much as physical exercise and our love and affection. We have a couple of fantastic toys that will really challenge your pup - they’ll love to solve puzzles and face new challenges and get the treats at the end! 


At ClassyPetBoutique.com all parts of your pets' life; physical, emotional, and mental are important so we’ve curated a collection of products that will help them have the best life possible!