Accessories are your opportunity to show some of your pet's personality to the world. 

Take a look at our variety of cat collars, dog collars, harnesses, and coordinating leashes!

Kittens can be very adventurous and might find themselves stuck and caught on something. With our selection of breakaway collars for cats, their twisting and/or struggling action causes the buckle to open and free your cat.  If they get into a sticky situation while you are out of the house then they’d be able to free themselves without struggling until you return. 

You will find a great variety of wide dog collars and they’ll be one (or two) that will suit your pup's personality for sure.  Many come with aluminum bucks that can be customized as an engraved dog collar

In addition to the collars, you will see that several of the patterns come with a matching leash. Think how great your dog will look out for a walk in the neighborhood with such a pulled-together look! The envy of all their friends, for sure.

Your favorite fur baby may walk better when in a harness, so we’ve got you covered there as well.  There is a selection of step-in harnesses with all-metal buckles. There are a variety of sizes available, so find what matches your pet, and off you go!

Owners of small-medium size dogs are always looking for a convenient way to transport their littlest friend in a comfortable way.  If you travel frequently and want to bring them along, look no further than our sling bags, tote bags, and more traditional carriers

These bags are ventilated, include extra cushioning for their’ll wish you could be carried around in such style!   The traditional carriers are all airline-approved and can be used as a kennel when traveling with your pet. 

For something quite stylish you’ll have to check out our selection of Marlee bags. They are lightweight, have tons of storage, and are vented on both ends. Your tiny pooch can come everywhere with you in this bag! This is airline-approved and available in different colors and finishes.