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We, as pet owners, want our pets to be happy, healthy and most of all, classy. We, as people, work hard and our pets are one of the bright spots in our day. Taking care of your pet the classy way by choosing chic items like accessories, bedding, food and supplements for their health and toys for playtime will make them more joyful thus making humans more joyful. A classy pet makes a happy pet which in turn makes a happy owner! Here at Classy Pet Boutique, we offer a variety of products which will make for an extremely chic pet.



A pet’s accessories can enhance their classiness as well as reflect your own style and preferences. From cat collars to dog collars to harnesses, leashes and totes, there are a variety of options to establish your pet’s individual classy style. One adorable option for a cat’s collar would be the Winter Garden Cat Collar with it’s pink flowers and white background while for a dog's collar you can choose the Moorea Extra Wide Dog Collar which has a more vintage design. The final accessory to consider is choosing a tote bag to carry your pet and some of their supplies. Some options include the designs of the Gigi Sling Ivory Quilted or the Katie Bag in Rose Grenadine. No matter the preference, Classy Pet Boutique has many choices!   



As much as humans deserve a comfy bed and blanket for sleeping, your pet deserves it too and you can keep it classy and simply! There are blankets like the Giraffe Blanket which can be draped over couch cushions or on the floor depending on you or your pet’s preference. Now for bedding, there is an option for cats and an option for dogs. For cat bedding, there are options of round beds where the cat can curl themselves in it, rectangular flat beds, blanket beds and the pocket bed where the cat can cuddle themselves inside it. For dog bedding, there are choices for all types of dogs like the following: bagel beds, lily pods, pillow bones and rectangle bed. No matter your preference or your pets, Classy Pet Boutique has it here! 



Choosing the right bowls to feed your cats or dogs and a charming treat jar for your pet’s rewards can be difficult. Here at Classy Pet Boutique, we offer a diversity of choices for you to choose from. There are bowls for messy eaters, double bowl feeders, individual plates or bowls or portable bowls to take on walks. As well, there are supplements for your cats and dogs to keep them healthy! Feeding your pets the right food in the right way and making sure to groom them is critical to keeping you and your pet happy.  



Even your pet’s toys can be classy and chic while making your cat or dog happy. For cats, they can play with toys that contain catnip, toys which they can bop around the house like the Trapped Mouse Ball of Furry or use scratchers to file their nails on rather than the furniture. For dogs, there are toy choices which allow for them to play inside like plush stuffed animals or outside like the Ultra Fetch Stick and remain entertained. In the end, your pets are our bright spots in difficult times and giving them toys, bedding, accessories and healthy food options are ways of showing the love and joy they bring to our lives.

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