Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

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Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

The Bergan Turbo Track  its a track with a ball in it. How is it different? You can change it up into any configuration you want! Or, better yet, you can keep your cat from getting bored with the same old thing by reconfiguring it every now and again. Each piece twist-locks together with any other piece, making the possibilities nearly endless. Buy 1 set or buy 10 sets and transform it from a track to a highway that keeps your cat entertained for hours and encourages exercise for a happy, healthy cat. Features: Multiple configurations. Keeps cat entertained to reduce unwanted scratching or clawing. Ball included. Dimensions: 15 X 10 X 16

  • Brand: WSP-PDS
  • Product Code: 879213001506
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $14.95

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