For many people, we look forward to going to sleep at the end of a long day, right? We probably start dreaming of it when we get up in the morning! And for those of us with a dog or cat, you may find yourself looking at your pets with envy as they settle in for their third nap of the day. As pets enjoy their snoozes and overnight sleep so much, it’s important for us to make sure they have the most comfortable rest possible. 

By assessing the size of your dog, their needs, and your family’s lifestyle, you might decide a large dog bed is necessary or perhaps a bagel bed is the best fit. Whichever option you choose, make sure you take a look at the Pillow Bones selection available; they are a great companion piece and a fun toy to chew on while they’re relaxing.

For those with feline friends at home, there are several styles and types to choose from. Some may prefer a classic flat pet bed while others prefer to create their own little cat cave by having a pocket pet bed to burrow to their hearts’ content nightly. 

All of our bedding options are machine washable so you're able to easily keep them clean and comfy for your cat or dog.  There are so many fun color options, combinations of patterns, and materials that you’ll be sure to find one (or two!) that fit in the decor of your home. 

You may be #teamcat or #teamdog but here at ClassyPetBoutique we are #teampet all the way, so we want to ensure your best friend gets the best rest possible with these products.