Second perhaps only to sleeping, eating is a big portion of your pet's life.  We’ve gathered a great selection of cat and dog feeding options so you can find the one that works best for you.  


If you’ve got a gulp-it-down type, you’ll be interested in checking out our cat puzzle feeder.  These silicone feeders are designed to help slow down consumption to allow for better digestion for your pet.


Does your favorite kitty have sensitive whiskers and doesn’t like a traditional bowl as it can irritate them? Then you’ll need to look at our selection of Whisker plates to allow them to be more comfortable while they eat.


For those families on the go with the pets - don’t forget to keep them hydrated. It’s not always easy to find clean water for them, so take some with you! You’ll find a selection of various sizes and options of dog bowls that are collapsible and also have lids.


Our pets are family and deserve their own unique treat jar. They’ll quickly come to recognize the sound of it opening, even if they appear to be fast asleep!  You will see there are both ones for cats and dogs in a variety of colors.


And last but not least, what’s the most important? Treats!  Once you have a beautiful treat jar...you need to fill it with good stuff! We’ve got pet-safe treats like brownie bites, donuts, and macarons.  In addition to everyday treats, you’ll be thrilled to see specialty items like birthday cakes that are shelf-stable, cupcakes, and many more.  With all the joy and love our pets bring us, they deserve to be spoilt every now and then! 


The treats are made using cage-free eggs, natural peanut butter, and wildflower honey so you can feel good about what you give your dog.