Health & Safety

In addition to eating and sleeping well, your favorite furry friends can sometimes need some extra support in feeling and looking their best.  We have a selection of products that helps our pets feel their best from the inside out.

Is your cat prone to hairballs? You can try some of our supplements that aids digestion and help prevent hairballs with a herbal formula that naturally lubricates their digestive tract.

Most cats aren’t too fond of being wet, let alone a bath. So try the reverse - using a waterless cat bath spray. It’s a natural cleanser and also moisturizes skin and fur. 

Some of the best breeds of cats and dogs are prone to tear ‘stains’ and to combat that we have Angel Eyes for dogs and cats. It’s easy and safe to use and helps to remove the tears from their gorgeous faces.

They can seemingly appear out of nowhere and hot spots on dogs are uncomfortable for them.  We have dog hot spot treatment in two different sizes that will soothe their itchy skin and provide relief quickly.

Noses on our pets are some of the best things about them. Those sniffers are vital and can also be easily irritated. If your friend has sinus irritation or congestion then we suggest you look at HomeoPet Nose Relief; good for both cats and dogs.

Did something not agree with your pet's belly? Let’s get them some relief and feel better. Take a look at Pet Pectillin that works for both #teamcat and #teamdog to help turn things around. Need a dog diarrhea home remedy? This is it!

Now that they’re feeling good inside, it’s time to start on the outside. Start with choosing one of the shampoo and conditioners we have. They are great for pets with sensitive skin.  Once they’re washed you can check out a slicker brush or a grooming comb depending on what fits your pet the best. Not only will the look, feel, and smell better but it’ll be a great bonding time between you and your pet!