Time to have some fun!

We love our pets so it makes sense we want them to have the best cat toys or best dog toys possible.  You will find a great variety of products as our favorite four-legged friends may prefer one type to another. 

Cats go crazy for catnip, as we all know - so let’s get creative with it!  You will find stuffies that contain catnip, a catnip cyclone, even a school of catnip-filled sardines that you can toss to your cat for them to chase and enjoy. 

Does your feline friend prefer to sharpen their claws on your sofa or lounge chair? We can suggest a few different cat-scratching posts to try and deter them.   There are a couple of Alpine Scratchers that are built at an ideal angle for scratching. There is also a multipurpose scratch post and then a scratching square that comes with a bonus toy!

Chasing birds or flies is a common interest for cats so take a look at our toys that mimic those activities and can help stimulate their minds, as well as help to keep them active all while having fun.  There’s a Whirling Wiggler or a Feathered Play wand as a start. See which one your kitty will love the most!


Chuckit! Is a brand many dog owners are familiar with; their classic orange and blue products are great for fetch and are long-lasting.  You’ll find a number of their balls, sticks, and indoor balls to find a match for your doggo.

Does your dog need to rip out all the stuffing from its toys? Save yourself the cleanup and check out the selection of stuffing-free toys that can still offer them long-lasting play. 

Many dogs love a good game of tug. Be it with their fave stuffy, a stick found on a walk, or maybe a stray sock from the dryer.  Indulge them by taking a look at the assorted knot ropes or even some with a tennis ball on them. Let the games begin!

In addition to physical activities and toys, don’t forget to stimulate their minds as well. They love a good mental workout and if your dog is food-motivated this is where you want to be.  These puzzle toys have various levels and unique twists you can do to keep your pup interested and challenged.  The Casino Toy, Twister Toy, and Brick Toys are all easy to clean and keep your dog interested, and provides mental stimulation and enrichment.